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Seattle Strikes Back

When Clay Bennett, Aubrey McClendon, and Tom Ward purchased the Seattle Supersonics and eventually moved them here, Oklahoma City took a lot of public relations hits nationwide. Most of the national media bemoaned the lack of loyalty shown by the move. It didn't matter that the team was hemorraghing money in a tiny landlocked arena that could not be rennovated to improve the team's finances, or that polling showed complete apathy among the areas potential fans. The Supersonics had always played in Seattle, so Seattle--not the guys who had just shelled out $350 million to purchase the team--owned the franchise.

Today, I am expecting those same finger pointers in the national media to do an about face.  News is filtering out currently that the Oklahoma City YardDawgz AFL franchise is on its way to the Pacific Northwest.  Apparently, Seattle is trying to get even.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A source close to the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz said the team is likely headed to Seattle, pending the completion of a deal between the current owner, Phil Miller, and the possible new ownership group.

According to the source, the Yard Dawgz, who went 6-10 this last season, would be purchased by the same ownership group as the Seattle Storm and start their 2011 season playing at the Key Arena.

Yes, the arena football team whose entire existence has been within the confines of the 405 has been stolen by thiefs who exchanged money and signed contracts instead of a crowbar and safe cracker.  I am outraged! Perhaps outraged isn't quite the word. Maybe, upset? No, that doesn't feel right, either. Indifferent!  Yeah, that's the one.

Personally, I only attended one YardDawg game because a friend had posh seats. The only things I remember about the whole event was that the quarterback for OKC threw nothing but wounded ducks that got intercepted. Meanwhile, what seemed like a dozen different mascots scared the crap out of the ClarkPupp.

Some people obviously enjoyed the team, though, and since The Sports Guy isn't going to be opening up his column for us to bash Seattle, like he did when the situation was vice versa, I thought I would give voice to the YardDawg fan (after the jump).

From Gabe in Hooker:

Just cause we have an older Cox center and Seattle has some form of a "super/king/qwest" dome doesn't mean that those flannel wearing"¦I'm pretty indifferent. It (was?) great people watching.

From Mark on the Southside:

I can't believe it. It's like one day you wake up and there's an AFL team in Oklahoma City, then the next it's gone. I'm going to miss the Wranglers.

From Mike in Nichols Hills:

I blame Phil Miller. He bought the team from Barry "The King" Switzer and disillusioned all eleven fans (ten of whom were wearing the mascot outfit). Of course, the team was going to be poachable.

From Jim in Moore:

Yeah, Seattle can steal our half assed football team, but they'll never take away the memories we have created over the past five--was it five?--years. I mean, there was that one time Tommy Grady completed a pass to his own teammate. That was awesome. It was almost enough for a first down. Seattle can't take from me. I'll enjoy that to my grave.

From Pat on the Westside:

Beer prices at the Dawgz game were a full dollar less than at Thunder games. It sucks that I won't have that option anymore. Now, I guess I'll have to buy better beer at lower prices at the 51st Street Speakeasy on Tuesdays during "TheLostOgle Trivia Night."

From Jim in Norman:

You want to know what I think?!? It's sorry! And those WNBA loving Seattle people who bought it are sorry, too. You're telling me that if they had kept Gary Reasons--who is a good dude--instead of replacing him with that yardbird Sparky McEwen, they couldn't have won some games and done some damage? If you think that, you're an idiot! That's right, you're pathetic!

From Al in Norman:

What Jim said.

From Marisa in Edmond:

Sure, those guys only made minimum wage to play football, but it's not like they didn't have second jobs. Losing all those potential sugar daddies is going to be a tough reality for me to get adjusted.

From John in Choctaw:

They aren't going to leave the name and history for OKC, are they? I hope not.

From Steve in a van down by the river:

This is a victory for Oklahoma City. We showed corporate sports that we won't subsidize their profits while we lack mass transit to subsidize. That goes as far as not buying tickets, too. For once, the people of this city had the option of watching meathead barbarians pummel each other or doing nothing and they chose nothing. This is progress that I can ride to the mayor's office.

From Royce in Norman:

I'll be taking the next few months off as I get started on my riveting, thought-provoking documentary, "Yard Dawgz-gate."

From John who used to live in Montana:

wait...we had the Yard Dawgz?

From Christie at the Box Office:

It's not true. Buy season tickets.

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