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Contest: Help us interview Barry Switzer. Win a cool shirt!

One of my personal TLO highlights from last year was getting to interview Brian Bosworth.  When I was a kid, I kind of idolized the guy.  My favorite number was 44, burnt orange made me puke, and if it weren't for my mom, I would have had a Boz haircut. Naturally, I jumped on the chance to interview him when he was promoting the new line of collegiate apparel from Tradition 8.  The interview was cool.  I got to ask him if he sent Bo Jackson a Christmas card, if he ever got drunk with Jamelle Holieway, and to name his favorite line from Stone Cold.  And I was able to do it all without getting beat up.

Well, it looks like history may kind of repeat itself.  Tradition 8 has a new line of clothing "” including OSU stuff "” and I may get the chance to interview one of my childhood heroes.  This time around it's Barry Switzer.  Yes, the man who's won more national championships, won more Super Bowl titles, and opened more defunct restaurants than any Oklahoman alive may be interviewed on this site!  Maybe he'll even autograph my copy of Bootlegger's Boy.  A man can dream, right?

Anyway, for this Q&A, we want some help from our readers in choosing questions.  Simply post your question(s) for Barry Switzer in the comments.  If we choose one of them for our Q&A, we'll send you a Tradition 8 shirt of your choice for free.

Also, to check out the complete line of Tradition 8 clothing, click here.  Overall, this year's shirts a pretty cool.  In addition to the ones that feature the Boz, Billy Sims and, uhm, the OU drum major, they also have OSU shirts.  My favorite OSU shirt is the one that features Barry Sanders.  And I'd like it even more if it was on this model. Just saying.

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