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About those topless pics of Wayne Coyne’s wife…

A couple of weeks ago, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne officially joined the Twitter universe. He celebrated the occasion just like anyone else would by tweeting out topless and semi-nude pictures of his wife.

Check out the pics and censored-but-still-probably-NSFW-photos after the jump.

August 7th: Finally in the Hotel in Catowice Poland .. Just going to bed at 11:00 in the morning..


August 7th: Michelle gets a lapdance from Marra in Katowice ...


August 10th: Just arrived in Copenhagen .... 1:30 in the afternoon.. Just going to bed...


We should probably go ahead and mention that for some reason the pics are no longer available on Twitter.  That means The Lost Ogle is the exclusive home of topless pictures of Wayne Coyne's wife.  I'm not sure how to take that, but we'll go with it.

Anyway, this is just another reason why Wayne Coyne is the coolest and weirdest guy in Oklahoma City.  He's like our local mad scientist, only he's also in a rock band.  He's so weird that you could watch him fuel a cardboard spaceship in his backyard with 10,000 cans of Josta and not think anything of it, but if you caught him eating queso at Chili's you would think that he lost his mind.  And did we mention he posted topless pictures of his wife on Twitter with a Polish stripper?  Maybe next time he'll take her to Night Trips.

Also, has anyone else noticed Wayne seems a little more, uhm, sexual than normal?  Did he quit LSD for Viagra?  Just take a look at this music video for "Watching the Planets."  It shows a bunch of average looking naked people popping out of a hairball vagina "” yes, a hairball vagina "” and then pushing Wayne around in his bubble.  Before you know it, Flaming Lips tunes are going to be playing on late-night phone sex lines.

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