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Take that, Pink Bikini!!

8:13 AM EDT on August 9, 2010

Meet Lauren Nelson, the new co-host of Channel 9's "First at Four" news show.

Yeah.  This is the same Lauren Nelson who won Miss America a few years ago, so I guess you can say Channel 9 has taken the lead in the local arms race to see which news channel can hire the hottest female news anchors.  I wonder how the other new channels will respond.  Will Channel 5 hire Jesse Jane to do the weather?  Will Channel 25 have Liz Dueweke and Lauren Richardson start each morning with a pillow feet?  Will Channel 4 just say "screw it" and only hire midgets?  Who knows?

Anyway, I think this all but confirms the "rumor" that Amy McRee is leaving KWTV in a few months.  Let's just hope Lauren follows a McRee tradition and has big party with her friends at Lake Arcadia.  And lets just hope that the pictures from that party leak onto the internet.   And lets hope she ditches yellow for pink.  Pink is nice.

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