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The one where an old State Senator probably had an affair with a young lobbyist…

Last month, we wrote about 10 things we'd like to see happen this summer. Here was Number 10 on the list.

A Republican state senator leaves his wife of 40+ years for a young married lobbyist who may be pregnant with his child.

Well, according to, it looks like we may have been close to predicting another summer news story:

OkiePundit can confirm that the Tulsa World is withholding a damaging story on incumbent State Senator Harry Coates until after Tuesday's primary in order to protect his re-election prospects.

Multiple well-placed sources have confirmed for us that the Tulsa World is sitting on the story that explores the allegation that Coates has been engaged in an affair with a lobbyist who is about 30 years younger than he is and that the married lobbyist may be pregnant with the senator's child.

OkiePundit has the lobbyist's name, but we will not publish it at this time as she is not a public figure.

We can also confirm that the lobbyist's husband works for Governor Brad Henry and filed for divorce on July 13th.  Coates, who is vying to become the Senate Republican leader, has been under pressure since this "open secret" came out in political circles several weeks ago.

Wow.  First Taco Bueno gets a remodel and now this?!?  I'm thinking Megan Fox better hurry up and come to Oklahoma City.  It's going to happen someday, I promise.

Anyway, I guess we can add to this harry (ha ha!) story a little bit and tell you that:

"¢ Virtually everyone at the capital knows about the rumor, including that paintings of Sequoyah and Will Rogers.

The Oklahoman has looked into publishing this story, too.

The Oklahoma Observer may have written about this several months ago but nobody knew about it because nobody reads it.

"¢ The lobbyist who is rumored to have had the affair worked for the Oklahoma Legislative Consulting Group.  I write ''worked' because the OLCG website has gone to extreme efforts to remove her picture or name.  Fortunately, though, we can take a look at the site from 2008. If you can figure out who she is, you win the special gold prize.

"¢ Harry Coates is a pimp.  And not a pimp in the literal sense of the word, but a pimp as in the "I **allegedly** banged a chick 30 years younger than me" type of way. Seriously, if you hook up with a girl 30 years younger than you and you don't go to jail if you're caught, all power to you.

Now that the cat is **allegedly** out of the bag, I wonder what effect it's going to have on Harry Coates' political career.  He only has one opponent in the primary, and if he wins, he'll run unopposed for his State Senate seat.

If he is reelected, you would think that our conservative, family values-obsessed, constitutionalist legislature would try to force him out.  I mean the guy did **allegedly** have an affair with a lobbyist.  If elected officials can't accept gifts from lobbyists, that probably means they can't accept sex from them either"¦that gift can only be offered by interns and pages.

But I doubt anything will happen.  Coates will publicly apologize and say he's sinned, and then all the conservative hypocrites in the Senate will forgive him and talk about second chances.  Then they'll issue another "Proclamation for Morality" and write a bill that bans graphic novel erotica.  That will really piss Clark Matthews off.

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