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Vote for the 23 year old blonde Virgin from Norman

The studious girl in the  "let's crop you onto a professional background while you look off into the distance" photo is Emily Virgin.  Emily is from Norman and running for the state House of Representatives.  She is 23.  Here's some information about her from her website.

Emily Virgin is a lifelong Norman resident and honors graduate of the University of Oklahoma. She is seeking election to the Oklahoma House of Representatives from Norman's House District 44, which presently is represented by Bill Nations, D-Norman, who is retiring due to term limits.

Emily is and has been a volunteer for many Norman service organizations, including Thunderbird Clubhouse which provides free services to adults with mental health needs, the Access to Justice Organization where she worked with abused mothers and children, Food and Shelter for Friends, and her church where she is a third grade Sunday School teacher.

Emily graduated Magna Cum Laude from OU with a degree in Political Science and a minor in criminology. She also was selected to be a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Meanwhile, she worked her way through college, and was employed as equipment manager for the OU football team for four seasons. She is the fifth generation of her family to live in Oklahoma, and wants to continue the family tradition of service. She is employed as a law clerk for a Norman law firm.

Wow.  Think of how awesome it would be to have a 23 year old innocent blonde girl deciding our state's laws.  Her first actions as a State Rep would probably be to offer government subsidies for Lady GaGa tickets and try to make the Pink Flirtini our State's official cocktail.  After that, she'd lead an effort to make sure that all college girls are equipped with Walk of Shame Preparedness Kits.

Hmmn.  On second thought, maybe that's not very awesome.  23 year old girls are kind of annoying.  Most of them still live at home, can't let go of their sorority and make your girlfriend jealous.  But you know what...who cares!?!  This girl's last name is Virgin!  Seriously, she must win this election just for the sake of easy material.  There are just too many jokes here.  Of course, that's assuming she's not a communist, puppy eater or practices metaphysics. If that's the case, she probably belongs in the State Senate.

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