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Hot Guy a Day in the Month After May: Cardboard Jim Traber (Last One)

Sadly, this is our last installment of Hot Guy a Day in the Month After May.  Since that's the case, I figured we should honor the hottest man in Oklahoma City:  Cardboard Jim Traber.

The main reason we are ending the series is that neither our male or female readers seem to enjoy it very much.  Apparently, I don't have the best taste in hot guys.  Oh well, unlike my inability to whistle, I guess that's a good fault to have.

Another reason we are ending the series is because it takes too much time.  Writing about hot guys each day for a month means I have less time to write about things like:

A girl getting arrested for beating another girl with her shoe. Not surprisingly, this happened at a bar in Bricktown.  Even less surprisingly is that this happened at City Walk.  I think the big question though is which of the eight clubs in one did this event take place.  I'm guessing Club Ghetto.

Randy Terrill and a couple of other local goofball politicians are being investigated for doing something illegal. Remember that scene towards the end The Shawshank Redemption when the mean prison captain ended up naked in the line with new prisoners while the current convicts whistled and yelled at him?  I bet Randy Terrill sure does.

Enid is going Green. And they want to let you know by producing really high quality commercials.

The Credit Jewelry Cowboy also sold insurance. I still want that guy to be my grandpa.

This guy's name is Billy Coyle.  He is a Democrat running for US Congress.  I guess he has decided that a cheesy song would get people to vote for him. Hell, it worked for Brad Henry.  Now he just needs to get Barry Switzer to do the voice-over.

If you want to see a girl's attempt to write about a hot guy a day for an entire month, check this out.  I think we may have lasted longer than her.  I guess that means we have stamina.  That's probably not a fault.

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