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Hot Guy a Day in the Month After May: Jim Ross

12:00 AM EDT on June 1, 2010

Well, the month of May is now finished, and along with it, our not quite daily feature called "Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May."

Overall, HGADITMOM was a pretty fun.  We got to research, write about and look at hot girls for an entire month.  Hell, a couple of them even emailed us their thanks.  That's pretty cool.

All that being said, I doubt our heterosexual female and homosexual male readers enjoyed the feature too much.  To make it up to all of them, we are unveiling something new: Hot Guy a Day in the Month After May.

Granted, we tried this before and had little success, but maybe this time we'll do better.  I mean we do have a female contributor now, but then again, she has a crush on Chad.  The last woman who had a crush on Chad ended up having sex for a bag of chips.

Anyway, our first HGADITMAM is Jim Ross.  We're not sure what Jim does, but it has something to do with big muscly oiled-up men who wear tights and wrestle each other.  I think he also likes barbecue.

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