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Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May: Crystal Wellman

Crystal Wellman is a ballerina for the Oklahoma City Ballet.  Being really big fans of the ballet and other classy sophisticated things, we were very happy when we learned Crystal was a participant in Oklahoma Magazine's Single in the City. Here's what we wrote:

(Estimated) Auction Value: $232,000

Let me share a little secret about me. I love the ballet. But even that's an understatement. I really really love the ballet. In fact, I once dreamed of being a ballet dancer, but that was before I became incredibly wealthy and decided to spend my days volunteering for noble art causes and saving puppies.

In other news, I also like hot red heads who wear greenish-blue bow thingies.

Well, Crystal was auctioned for only $400 or something, so I guess my estimated value was off.  She also didn't wear the greenish-blue bow thingie so I didn't bid for her.  That was her mistake.

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