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The video the Mathis Brothers don’t want you to see…

No, the video does not have anything to do with gerbils, hamsters or lizards.  It also has nothing to do with their salesmen stalking you as you test out recliners.  No, this is just a two-year old commercial that does an amazing job at parodying the Mathis Brothers.

First of all, that commercial is funny.  What made it great was how they captured the subtle weirdness of Mathis Brothers commercials "“ like the baby in the lap, the over-pronunciation of every word, and the creepy little jingle "“  while still being absurd (carrying around a large dog.)

You would think that the Mathis Brothers would have gotten a laugh out of this parody, but it looks like they didn't.  Apparently, the Mathis Brothers "threw a tantrum" and had the commercial removed from the air.  Granted, my source for that information is a YouTube comment, but considering how I don't remember this commercial at all, that kind of makes sense.

Anyway, we should also give credit where credit is due, and thank Tom Stalcup Chad Stevens for finally doing something funny.  There was a reason that our readers voted him the second most annoying pitchman in Oklahoma. If he can make more commercials like this, he may even become a pitchman legend on the scale of Tall Paul or the Credit Jewelers Cowboy.  I think that's a good thing.

p.s. "“ I kind of wanted to insinuate that they got the idea for parody by reading this website, but that would be kind of arrogant.  Since we're actually very humble and modest, I decided against it.  That's why we are so great.

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