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Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May: Joleen Chaney

Since we already know that Joleen Chaney is hot, here are some partially true fun facts about her:

"¢ Joleen hails from Rush Springs, Oklahoma, and holds the local record for most watermelons (3) ate eaten by a hot chick in one hour.

"¢ Joleen Chaney was the reason KFOR switched to HD.

"¢ State Rep Joe Dorman has attempted to pass legislation that requires all men who do not think Joleen Chaney is hot to get a vaginal ultrasound.  The legislation didn't make it out of committee.

"¢ Joleen Chaney is a big fan of Jesse Jane.

"¢ Joleen Chaney will not accept our Facebook friend request.  Weird, huh?

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