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Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May: Brandin Rackley

Well, I guess we we should get Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May off on a good start.  And by good start, I mean write about a hot girl that we have never heard of until an Ogle Mole sent us this email yesterday:

Brandin Rackley. Not only is she hot, but she is smart and funny. She's also a graduate of Westmoore High School.

You're Welcome.

After some, uhm, further investigation, it looks like our Ogle Mole is right.  Brandin is from Oklahoma City.  For the hell of it, I'm also going to assume that Brandin is smart and funny.  This is because she was a cheerleader, went to a prestigious acting school, posed in Playboy, and has an acting resume that includes movies such as "Clevagefield" and "The Devil Wears Nada."  You know, because those are things that all smart and funny girls do, along with reading obscure local social blogs.

Anyway, according to Clark Matthews, there are many interesting photos and movie clips of Brandin on the internet.  Clark Matthews has advised that we not link to this material. He said that's something you should "do on your on time" and "with the shades down" like when you "watch the 2002 US checker championships."'  That Clark Matthews...what a character.

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