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Introducing the world’s biggest Falcon Five-O fan”¦

Falcon Five-O is a local "alternative" rock band.  Besides sounding like a Matchbox 20 / Third Eye Blind/ Collective Soul Cover band, we make fun of them quite a bit on this site because NewsOK's Dave Morris is in the band.

Well, now it's going to be a little bit easier to make fun of them.  After the jump, check out our first documented sighting of a Falcon Five O groupie.

Yep, that right there may be the world's largest Falcon Five-O fan.  Dave and the gang should be really impressed, and by impressed, I mean probably never want to pick up or play their instruments ever again.

Seriously, I don't know who we need to feel sorry for here.  Falcon Five-O?  The groupie?  Or the tattoo artist.  Can you imagine the look on the artist's face at Atomic Nebular 23rd St. Tattoo when the girl walked in wanting a Falcon Five-O tattoo?  The tat artist probably threw up in his mouth and made the same face Mark Rodgers makes when he plays basketball.

Also, it should be noted that this picture was taken at the Medieval Fair in Norman.  Or as we call it, Dorkfest.  So not only do Falcon Five-O groupies, uhm, look like that, but they also like to eat large turkey legs, watch jousts and drink Sarsaparilla out of fake plastic wine skin containers.  Basically, they're like blog readers. (ZING!)

Anyway, I guess it is kind of cool that some girl is such a huge fan of a local rock band that she'll get that band's logo tramp stamped to her back.  I guess it's also cool that Falcon Five-O has groupies.  That being said, we have Lost Ogle groupies, but we usually call them different names like Hot Chicks, Blogger Snoggers or Blythe.  Chad calls his Marisa, but we're still not sure why.

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