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Here’s that “fetish for flatulence” police report”¦

Over the past day and half, we have received a ton of emails about this intriguing story from NewsOK.

An Oklahoma City man seeking a "friend" who shares his "fetish for flatulence" told police he was sexually assaulted by a man he met online, according to police report released today.

The 27-year-old man told police Friday he exchanged phone numbers in January with another man, who sent text messages with graphic sexual questions and comments, some of which the victim saved and showed to police.

The victim agreed to meet the man March 27 and went to his Oklahoma City apartment about 11 p.m. because the man said he would "fart for me," the victim told police.

The police report said the victim has autism.

The man took the victim into his bedroom and began to sexually assault him, which the victim said he pretended to enjoy because he was scared and is "not much of a fighter," according to the report. The victim told police the man threatened to beat him up.

The man told the victim to leave about 1 a.m. because his mother was going to wake up and leave for work soon, the report states. The victim did not report the incident until Friday because he was embarrassed, he told police.

Honestly, I've written about ten different pieces of commentary for this story and none of them did it proper justice.  One had to do with how the people pushing for Nick's Law should sue the "fetish for flatulence" dude "” for the hell of it, let's call him Marty "” for defamation of character.  Seriously, that guy has just set the autistic movement back 20 years.

Another one had to do with how Clark Matthews nickname in college was "The Dutch Oven" and then questioned if we at The Lost Ogle should be concerned.  The final one speculated if Brent Skarky was somehow involved in all of this because he is special, but then again, we don't want to be sued.

Anyway, since we obviously can't provide any meaningful commentary to this epic news story, let's publish what's really disturbing"¦the police report.  Please be advised that while reading it you my throw up in your mouth"¦or fart..or something.  Read it after the jump.





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