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Ogle Madness III: Midwest Region, Second Round

Yep, if you're browsing the site in Internet Explorer, we can't guarantee you'll have a vote in Ogle Madness.  I guess this is our way of discriminating against you for using a terrible web browser.  Seriously, though, we now have a "php expert" on the case and hope to have the problem solved very soon.  If you're a "php expert," we may need your help too, so email us.

Anyway, since that disclaimer is out of the way, lets move to today's games.  They come from the Midwest Region, which is also called the "Region of Death."

Today we begin games from the Midwest Region. Experts have labeled this the toughest region in the tournament.  Here are today's games:

(1) Olivia Munn vs. (9) Patrick
(4) Ashlynn Brooke vs. (5) Ms. Rocklahoma
(3) Kevin Durant vs. (10) Rick and Brad
(2) Joleen Chaney vs. (11) Kings of Leon

Read about them and (hopefully) vote after the jump!

(1) Olivia Munn vs. (9) Patrick


About Olivia Munn:

Last Game: Defeated The Ghost of Ed Gaylord 395-89

Conference: Pink Bikini Brigade

Who she is: Host of G4's Attack of the Show

Biggest Strength: Posing for Playboy. (safe for work)

Biggest Weakness: Posing as you would expect someone to pose for Playboy.


About Patrick:

Last Game: Defeated Mike Morgan 279 - 179

Conference: Lost Ogles

Who he is: Founder and chief editor of

Biggest Strength: Creating obscure local social blogs.

Biggest Weakness: Seriosuly.



(4) Ashlynn Brooke vs. (5) Ms. Rocklahoma


About Ashlynn Brooke:

Last Game: Defeated Sally Kern 489 - 49

Conference: Porn Stars of Oklahoma

Who she is: Oklahoma City's Best Porn Star

Biggest Strength: Uhm...her acting skills?

Biggest Weakness: Following instructions that have nothing to do with sex.


About Ms. Rocklahoma:

Last Game: Defeated Brent Skarky 377-97

Conference:Fun Bags

Who she is: Winner of the 2009 Ms. Rocklahoma Contest

Biggest Strength: Brown Eyes

Biggest Weakness: Teaching sarcasm to her mother



(3) Kevin Durant vs. (11) Kings of Leon


About Kevin Durant:

Last Game: Defeated Biker Fox 389 - 67

Conference: Professional Athletes

Who he is: The Oklahoma Thunder's Franchise Player

Biggest Strength: Scoring in every way imaginable (on the basketball court).

Biggest Weakness: Not commanding the recognition he deserves as an MVP candidate.


About Kings of Leon:

Last Game: Defeated Cardboard Jim Traber 240 -233

Conference: Musicians

Who they are: Band made of 50% guys born in Oklahoma City

Biggest Strength: Winning grammys.

Biggest Weakness: Playing music that Clark Matthews is familiar with.



(2) Joleen Chaney vs. (10) Rick and Brad


About Joleen Chaney:

Last Game: Defeated Steve Hunt 422 - 45

Conference: Hot Newscasters

Who she is: KFOR's rising star

Biggest Strength: Recognizing porn stars while at the mall.

Biggest Weakness: Self promotion


About Rick and Brad:

Last Game: Defeated Linda Cavanaugh 230 - 224

Conference: Disc Jockeys

Who they are: The KATT's morning show hosts

Biggest Strength: Mentioning material from this site and properly attributing where they found it.  Rick and Brad Theatre.

Biggest Weakness: Getting out the vote to beat Jack and Ron in The Gazette's "Best of OKC"


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