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Amy McRee is dangerous…

If you watch Channel 9, you may know that Amy McRee has been sent to Africa to flirt with football players and send back clichéd news reports on poor underprivileged people.  What you may not know is that Amy McRee is least in London.

From Amy's blog at

Getting to Africa has been rather eventful. We departed Will Rogers around 4p on Monday, got into Dallas an hour later. Then left there bound for London. We arrived in London around 10 a.m. on Tuesday and, for me, this is where things got rather interesting.... I had already been on two different flights, through two different airports, with no problem. I went through the security at Heathrow airport and the TSA agent asked for me to "step aside" while they searched my carry on bag. With latex gloves and glaring eyes, the agent dangled what appeared to be my car keys overhead... car keys that had my gym card, my small Starbucks card, 3 keys and a small 2-ounce mace can all attached. What I equate to safety in the states is actually a felony offense in London. The agent asked why I had it, I explained I had forgotten it was on there. I tossed it in my carry on bag after arriving at the OKC airport and that I use it strictly for safety reason due to my gender and my occupation, etc. I offered up a casual "tossing of the item" to which the agent replied "if it were only that easy.. "

The short of it, two officers came and talked to me, explained I was going to miss my flight because I was going to have to be taken down to the police station, an incident report would be filed, they would drive me back to the airport and that I would be allowed to fly out on the next flight to Entebbe, Uganda. (The next flight wasn't until 2 days later!) Fortunately they made a call to the "Governor" who said since the flight was several days later they could file a report and let me go on with the Pros for Africa group. Both the officers looked at one another, stunned and said "you got lucky." (I chalked it up to the power of prayer & God's divine intervention!) I thanked them and was on my way to the gate. Boarding had already begun. (All of this went down, mind you, in an hour's time, which was all the time we had in between flights!) Fortunately, I was able to make my flight and make it to Uganda with the group. I'm happy to report we ALL did make it here safe and sound.

Yeah, I have no clue what to write about this.  As I was typing this post, someone emailed us that ridiculously hot picture of KFOR anchor/reporter Joleen Chaney.  That's just unfair.  Now I can't focus on anything.  I could stumble across pictures of Amy McRee wearing her pink bikini and wrestling crocodiles in Lake Victoria and I doubt I'd really care.

Anyway, I guess if you take one thing from this post, it's that Joleen Chaney is hot.  If you take anything else,  it's to not say "Hello" to Amy McRee if you see her in Bricktown.  Because of her gender and occupation, she may blast mace all in your face.  And she'll get away with it too"¦because of the power of prayer and God's divine intervention.

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