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Ogle Madness: South Region – Lower Bracket

Today we tip-off the games from the lower half of the South Region.  Here are the match-ups.

(6) Rascal Racers vs. (11) Jenni Carlson
(3) Brad Henry vs. (14) Keiton Page
(7) Matt Kemp vs. (10) Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow
(2) Wayne Coyne vs. (15) Doritos Prostitute

As always, vote after the jump.  Voting ends at midnight.

(6) Rascal Racers vs. (11) Jenni Carlson

About Rascal Racers:

Conference: The Great State Fair of Oklahoma

Who they are: Winners of our 2009 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest.

Biggest Strength: Racing to the next concession stand at the State Fair.

Biggest Weakness: Walking.


About Jenni Carlson:

Conference: Bad Sports Writers

Who she is: Columnist for the Oklahoman

Biggest Strength: Irritating Regular Jim Traber.

Biggest Weakness: Writing Sports Columns.



(3) Brad Henry vs. (14) Keiton Page

About Brad Henry:

Conference: Local Politicians

Who he is: Governor of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Popularity.

Biggest Weakness: Punctuality.


About Keiton Page:

Conference: Tiny Basketball Players

Who he is: Short, slow, white shooting guard for Oklahoma State

Biggest Strength: Reminding people of Hoosiers.

Biggest Weakness: Height.



(7) Matt Kemp vs. (10) Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow

About Matt Kemp:

Conference: Big League Stars

Who he is: Center Fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Biggest Strength: Hitting home runs both in and out of baseball.

Biggest Weakness: Hitting home runs both in and out of baseball.


About Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow:

Conference: OKCPD

Who she is: PR person for the Oklahoma City Police Department

Biggest Strength: Entertaining us with her serious, matter-of-fact descriptions of odd crimes.

Biggest Weakness: Angering our female fan base by replacing Paco Balderrama.



(2) Wayne Coyne vs. (15) Doritos Prostitute

About Wayne Coyne:

Conference: Super Star Musicians

Who he is: Lead Singer of The Flaming Lips.

Biggest Strength: Writing amazing pop songs.

Biggest Weakness: Taking baths in his front yard.


About Doritos Prostitute:

Conference:Frito Lay Customer of the Month

Who she is: Woman of the Night

Biggest Strength: Choice of quality chips.

Biggest Weakness: Performing oral sex for these chips.



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