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Ogle Madness: Midwest Region – Lower Bracket

12:00 AM EST on March 11, 2010

We're getting a late start this morning, but we have good reason.  You see, I'm currently at the hospital awaiting the arrival of Clark, JrJr.  Patrick apparently started celebrating his arrival early because he sent me an email at 2:30 asking me to finish off this post and get it online.  Don't ever let me hear you say I'm not dedicated to you readers.  Before Mrs. Matthews kills me, I'm going to throw it to the voting.

(6) Cardboard Jim Traber vs. (11) Kings of Leon

About Cardboard Jim Traber:

Conference: Popular Cardboard Cutouts of Unpopular Radio Hosts

Who he is: The cardboard life of every party

Biggest Strength: Shaping the minds of America's youth...using a boxcutter.

Biggest Weakness: The wind.


About Kings of Leon:

Conference: Musicians

Who they are: Band made of 50% guys born in Oklahoma City

Biggest Strength: Winning grammys.

Biggest Weakness: Playing music that Clark Matthews is familiar with.



(3) Kevin Durant vs. (14) Biker Fox

About Kevin Durant:

Conference: Professional Athletes

Who he is: The Oklahoma Thunder's Franchise Player

Biggest Strength: Scoring in every way imaginable (on the basketball court).

Biggest Weakness: Not commanding the recognition he deserves as an MVP candidate.


About Biker Fox:

Conference: Tulsan Weirdos

Who he is: Biking advocate/budding filmmaker

Biggest Strength: Scaring the living bejuzzus out of people.

Biggest Weakness: Grinding in bike pants.



(7) Linda Cavanaugh vs. (10) Rick and Brad

About Linda Cavanaugh:

Conference: Living legends

Who she is: The matriarch of local newscasters

Biggest Strength: Managing to hold off hotties like Joleen Chaney and Bobbie Miller from usurping her throne.

Biggest Weakness: See biggest strength


About Rick and Brad:

Conference:Disc Jockeys

Who they are: The KATT's morning show hosts

Biggest Strength: Mentioning material from this site and properly attributing where they found it.  Rick and Brad Theatre.

Biggest Weakness: Getting out the vote to beat Jack and Ron in The Gazette's "Best of OKC"



(2) Joleen Chaney vs. (15) Steve Hunt

About Joleen Chaney:

Conference: Hot Newscasters

Who she is: KFOR's rising star

Biggest Strength: Recognizing porn stars while at the mall.

Biggest Weakness: Self promotion


About Steve Hunt:

Conference: Oklahoma Citian Weirdos

Who he is: Failed mayoral candidate

Biggest Strength: We'll get back to you

Biggest Weakness: Everything not listed in strengths



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