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Metro Election Update

Well, let's see. It's 2:00AM and the beer is gone. However I have not tripped into the twilight zone. Having reviewed the night's returns from municipal elections from my second-floor barstool at Abner's in Norman, I have to conclude that that the status quo received a huge vote of confidence in local election, unless one is a Republican in Midwest City. Down in Norman, Professor Mayor Cindy Simon Rosenthal bested city councilor Herb Ezzell in a race that featured a blitz of negative advertizing and "˜in your face politics' that left the challenger wondering if Norman politics was more about enlightened engagement than speed humps. All the city councilors were reelected too, making a ringing endorsement for latent socialism down in the The People's Republic of Norman.

Meanwhile, down in Midwest City, long-time Republican Mayor Russell Smith was defeated by retired firefighter Jack Fry, 1,842 votes to 1,790 votes. I would not expect this race to be widely publicized, since a Republican lost.

However, up in Oklahoma City, freedom supposedly came within a couple of weeks of ringing when activist and alleged Taco Bell employee Steve Hunt (okay, he doesn't really work for Taco Bell) rang up almost 42% of the vote against incumbent Mayor Mick Cornett. Cornett's campaign literally consisted of going to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder play that Sacramento Kings. We here at the Lost Ogle are reminded of Civil war historian Shelby Foote's observation about the Civil War: "If the South had started to win, the North would have taken its other hand out from behind its back." Steve Hunt contends that, with a couple of more weeks, he might have caught Cornett. We suppose, with a couple of more weeks, Mick might have campaigned, and then had all of us plus Cardboard Jim over for Saint Patrick's Day.

Tomorrow is "Send Steve Hunt a Chalupe Day." Act as you see fit.

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