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Re-Elect Mayor Mick Cornett

Today, Oklahoma City residents get to choose who they want to be their mayor.  The two choices are Mayor Mick Cornett and Half Priced Books employee Steve Hunt.  Let's take a brief look at the two guys:

Mayor Mick Cornett:

"¢ Was instrumental in bringing the NBA to Oklahoma City

"¢ Lead the effort to pass Maps III

"¢ Lost weight by eating at Taco Bell

Steve Hunt:

"¢ Snuck into a Super Bowl

"¢ Smokes Hookah

"¢ Probably served Mayor Cornet a Fresco Burrito at Taco Bell

If you ask us, there really isn't a choice in this election.  Mayor Cornett loves anything and everything Oklahoma City (see above).  Steve Hunt just likes attention.  That's probably all you need to know.

So vote for Mayor Cornett today.  He should and will be re-elected as mayor of Oklahoma City.  If he isn't, I think I'll move next door to the Clown Leper in Warr Acres.

p.s.- If you're somehow undecided, please read this post we wrote about Mr. Hunt. Also, read our Lost Ogle Q&A with Mayor Cornett.

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