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Paul Folger does not think too highly of Chickasha…

9:51 AM EST on January 29, 2010

Winter weather can really bring the best and worst out of people.  In Paul Folger's case, it appears to be the worst:

Yeah, that's pretty funny.  It's not as funny as the time former KOCO anchor John Flick referred to Frontier City as "Frontier Shitty," but that's because we don't have Anita Blanton there to bust any balls.

Also, Paul Folger's description of Chickasha is spot-on.  Seriously, the only thing Chickasha has is an onion burger stand, liberal hillbilly arts college, and an overrated Christmas lights display.  If you ask me, that's all chickenshit.

p.s. - There will be no "Friday Night in the Big Town" this week because the weekend is canceled across Oklahoma due to the over-hyped "2010 Winter Weather State of Emergency."

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