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Mistaking His Own Identity

4:38 PM EST on January 22, 2010

I guess Chad Istook sort of took the advice of the Bounty Boys.

Last Summer Chad, the son of a former congressman who also ran for governor, had a run-in with some bounty hunters who came after him for a "failure to appear" warrant.  Kindly for us, the bounty hunters took video footage of the raid on his house and posted it on YouTube.  At the end of the video, the bounty hunter gave young Istook some "real talk:"

You're 32 years old.  Man up.  Quit calling Daddy.

On Tuesday, Chad was once again in trouble with the law, again for a "failure to appear" warrant.  While driving a stolen vehicle, Istook was pulled over and rather than calling Daddy, he just told the officer his name was "Earnest" Istook.  I guess he was hoping that the policeman was a political junkie who would ask for his autograph and let him go.

Now, we don't necessarily think impersonating someone is always a bad idea.  Patrick has been known to tell club bouncers that he's Brent Skarky for free beer, and I once tried to convince a Thunder ticket taker that I was Nick Collison so they'd let me in the game.  But, it probably isn't a good idea to give the officer of the law a false identity...especially when they're going to arrest you for driving a stolen car, anyway.  It's just one more charge against you.

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