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This is an ultra-funny video…

Out of all the websites in the world, I would say the Onion is one of my favorites.  I like the website for its hilarious satire, but the satirical nature of this video was almost too prophetic. That being said, it's still super funny.

I know it sounds silly, but would anyone really be surprised if our state legislature tried to make some of the ideas in the video actual state law? Remember, we were the first state to require women who are seeking an abortion to first have to view an ultrasound.  Thankfully, that law was ruled unconstitutional.

Anyway, I nearly didn't post this video because I didn't want any of the idiots in our legislature to see it, but oh well, screw it.  Maybe they'll think the video is real and that these laws already exist.  I mean this is the Oklahoma Legislature.  They are not the brightest folks out there.

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