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Tweet This, Thunder…

You know that fantasy you had of some Thunder Girl hunched over a computer in her lingerie hashtagging your RT with an @ reply?  Well, thanks to the Tweets below, consider it ruined.

Yeah, I always thought the Tweets by the Thunder Girls seemed a little too articulate, but I always held out hope that they were real genuine Tweets by semi-hot girls who can't dance.  But unless Thunder Girl Amanda is handling the tweeting for the Tulsa 66ers, I guess we now know the truth:  the Thunder Girls Twitter Account is managed by a lame Thunder staffer!

In protest over this not-so-schocking development, we have decided to add a new member to The Lost Ogle Twitter Family.  His name is Rumble the Bison.  In many ways, he's a lot like the regular Rumble the Bison, except that he's a coke-head who likes like porn.  In many ways, I guess you can say the Fake Rumble is a lot like the Fake Dean Blevins.  And of course, that's only if the Fake Dean Blevins existed.

Anyway, if you're one of those social media guru Twitter kids, go follow the Fake Rumble on Twitter.  He's probably more entertaining than the Regular Rumble, plus he likes gyros.  Who doesn't like a gyro.

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