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Happy New Year: Don’t Steal Beer

Beer Thief

Remember back in 1995, after the Murrah Building bombing, how the national media was lauding Oklahomans for coming together during adversity.  There were a parade of stories about stores vacated by all staff that reported no missing items after their return.  None of those businesses must have sold beer.

Apparently, all it takes for Oklahomans to emulate looters in South Central L.A. is fourteen inches of snow and an abandoned beer truck.

The guy above is Sterling Chase Cochran who was arrested when police saw him taking two cases of of liter bottles of beer from an Anheuser-Busch truck that had been left on the road when conditions made it impossible for the driver to continue his route.  But, while Cochran got his name in the paper and will be dealing with the legal ramifications, it appears many others before him got off scot free.  According to the police report, every compartment of the truck was open, but only one still contained any product...and if Mr. Cochran only had two cases, you know that there were others before him.

So if you find an unattended beer truck tonight as you ring in the new year, don't loot unless you're certain no law officials are watching.

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