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We have a radio show. Seriously.


Tonight, Oklahoma City radio history will be made.  Yes, your favorite obscure local social blog has a radio show "” The Lost Years with The Lost Ogle, to be exact "” and it will make its debut at 8:00pm tonight on 105.3 The Spy FM.

The premise of the show is pretty simple.  We're going to play songs from the "lost years" when the Spy wasn't on the Oklahoma City airwaves. For our first show, we decided to play some tunes that came out in 2004.  We chose 2004 because that's the year the Spy went off the air.  Clever, huh?  Future episodes will cover tunes from other years.  Those episodes will play every Wednesday night at 8:00pm.

To keep the show from being too successful, it will be hosted by me, Chad and the Spirit of Clark Matthews.  That means in between songs, you'll get to hear us talk about important topics like old news stories, Chad's love life and how handsome I am.

When you listen, please keep in mind that the show is (kind of) unrehearsed and (kind of) unscripted.  And since we're new to this stuff, that it may be kind of bad.   But you know what?  Who cares!!!   We have a f*cking radio show.  Yipee!!!

p.s. - If you don't a very good reception of The Spy, you can listen live and online at the Spy's website.  If you live in Kingfisher and get an amazing reception and don't want to hear to obscure bloggers play good music, go kill a chicken.

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