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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Linda Cavanaugh


Who she is: Linda Cavanaugh

What she does: 10pm News anchor for KFOR Channel 4

Why Approve:

One time, an Ogle Mole at Channel 9 asked me why we never write about Linda Cavanaugh.   This was my answer:

"Other than being an Oklahoma City institution, Linda's never really done anything to warrant our coverage. She doesn't have a nightly opinion piece.  She doesn't tell us that a tornado is about to destroy our house.  She doesn't have an annoying Sports Talk show.  In fact, she's a very classy, professional and nice person."

Okay.  Although that's kind of true, that's not the real reason.  The real reason why we leave Linda Cavanaugh alone is that in 1988 she gave me a certificate for reading 80 books during a March of Dimes Read-A-Thon.  For some reason, I think Linda may have known that most of the books I read were of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" variety, and that once I flipped to page 63 and learned that the time machine was broken and that I was forever stuck in the Old West, that I marked that book down and counted it as being read.

Anyway, Linda Cavanaugh didn't rat on me.  For that, I will always be loyal.

Why Disapprove:

With Linda Cavanaugh having what seems to be a lifetime contract at KFOR, we don't get to see enough Joleen Chaney.  We need more Joleen Chaney.

Also, we've learned through the Ogle Mole Network that she gives away crummy Halloween candy.  Who would have known!

Last Week's Result:

Well, Lost Ogle readers are split when it comes down to Paul Folger. He came away with a 50% approval rating.  That's ghey with an H.

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