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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Brent Skarky


Who he is: Brent Skarky

What he does: Anchor for OklaTravelNet OklaVision

Why Approve: Hey, let's give the Skarkster some credit.  He reads The Lost Ogle (he campaigned for votes during Ogle Madness) and he was at the Snuggie Pub Crawl (we think he wore a pink Snuggie).  How can you not approve of a guy like that?!

Why Disapprove: Look at the picture above for about 5 seconds.  Also, I'd rather listen to Ronnie Kaye have an orgasm than listen to Brent Skarky.  His voice sounds like a cross between a small pony and a boy going through puberty.   We've also heard he sucks at checkers.

Last Week's Result: Regular Jim Traber received a paltry 24% approval rating.  That's about 23 percentage points too high.

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