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Win a $1,500 DIAMOND at the Snuggie Pub Crawl!

12:00 PM EST on November 24, 2009

For some reason, a few people don't think the Snuggie Pub Crawl is a real event. I'm not sure if this door prize is going to change their mind, or just make them more skeptical:

TLOdoor prize

Yes, you read that right. Samuel Gordon's Jewelers is donating a $1,500 Diamond as the grand door prize for the Snuggie Pub Crawl. To be eligible to win, you just have to visit each bar along the pub crawl hike. At 12:01, we'll have a drawing at the Speakeasy for this and some other cool prizes.

Here's what Dan Gordon, a local super Twitterer, said about it:

When approached by The Lost Ogle to sponsor the first ever Snuggie Pub Crawl, I was honored and dumbfounded at the same time!

I didn't have to think twice, not only am I a serious Snuggie enthusiast with a closet full of Snuggies for every occasion you can imagine, whether it's big or small...I wear them all the time.

At Samuel Gordon Jewelers, you can often catch me with one on at work, sometimes during our fancy designer jewelry events, or even just a regular trip to the grocery store...I treat myself to a new one almost every other week just to keep up with one of my most precious passions.

On top of that, I knew it would be a very wise choice not to say NO to TLO (hilarious, smart, genius and witty bloggers) as to solidify a good standing with them for my own well being going forward :)

But seriously, this is gonna be a blast, we are excited to be a part of something so fun and light.

It just goes to show how hard Samuel Gordons Jewelers - to take the "snob appeal" out of jewelry just as Gary Vaynerchuk - - has for wine.

Hope to see you all there and good Luck on winning snuggie-shaped, pear-shaped TLO Snuggie Diamond.

Isn't this awesome!?!  We'd obviously like to thank Samuel Gordon Jewelers for providing this door prize.  Because we think they are ridiculously cool for doing this we are going to go ahead and name them the official jeweler of The Lost Ogle.

Think about that for a second, The Lost Ogle has an official jeweler. I'm pretty sure that will improve our chances with the ladies!

Anyway, the Facebook Event Page for the pub crawl is located here. If you're cool, you'll forward it to all of your Facebook friends.  If you're really really cool, you'll print some of these nifty flyers and pass them out.  If you're really lame, you'll buy a Hinder CD.

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