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Help Wanted: OKC Public Schools Bus Driver

12:00 AM EST on November 18, 2009

When I was a 7th grader at Western Oaks Junior High, we had a cool bus driver who played KJ103 on the radio and would occasionally stop the bus at 7-11 and let the kids with money buy Big Gulps.  At the time, she was the coolest bus driver ever, but now she's been surpassed.


Sure, some people are going to complain about an Oklahoma City Public Schools bus being parked in front of a liquor store, but don't worry, those people are lame and boring.  They are the same people who complain about hot chicks with big boobs and OU fans screaming "Sooner" during the National Anthem.  Basically, they complain about things that are cool.  It's best to completely ignore what those say.

All that being said, this bus driver is probably more idiotic than cool.  The liquor store could be sandwiched between a Reading Rainbow Museum and a Sylvan Learning Center, but whatever you do, don't park the bus in front of the liquor store!  That driver should be riding on the short bus...not driving it.

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