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Blake Griffin is a pimp…

12:00 PM EST on November 16, 2009


Last week, we were emailed this picture of Blake Griffin hanging out with local news vixen Jaime Cerreta.  The picture was apparently taken when Jaime Cerreta went to LA to shoot tonight's "one on one" with Blake Griffin.  I guess that's cool and everything,  but I do have a couple of concerns.

1. Why is Jaime Cerreta flying to LA to take pictures with Blake Griffin?  She could have just stayed here in Oklahoma City and took some pictures with me, Clark Matthews and some midgets.  That would have been much more interesting.   We even could have done lunges!

2. Who does Blake Griffin think he is?  Yeah, I know he was the number one pick in the draft, a millionaire, and now lives the good life in Los Angeles, but can't he stick with California girls?  What's next, a picture of him with Joleen Chaney and Bobbi Miller in a hot tub?  It wouldn't surprise me.

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