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And the winner is…


The Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest has come and gone, and the winning photo is "The "Rascal Racers."

This amazing photo ran away from the competition. It received 48% of the votes in the semi-finals, and then 60% of the vote in the finals.  The picture was taken by Regina from the local blog OkieTourist.  She wins a $50 Gift Certificate from Iguana Mexican Grill, a Lost Ogle tshirt, and now gets to live the rest of her life with the fear that she may get attacked by a pack of angry rascalers.

Here's what Regina had to say about it:

My family was there because our children performed on the bandshell with a musical theatre group for kids, and afterwards my husband reminded me that I wanted to find a subject to photograph for your site. I was also taking a series of more commonplace photos for my website,

I took a couple of pictures but none of them really felt quite right. Then I saw the Rascal Racers and I knew that they were destined to be The Lost Ogle's 2009 honorees. With all the sights and sounds and smells going on around us, it must have been fate that brought my camera and the Rascal Racers together - not to mention the lack of people walking between them and us, and the Racers' cooperation in not noticing me taking their picture. I think it was truly meant to be.

Thanks Regina, for taking an amazing picture, and thanks to everyone who submitted a picture and voted.  We'd also like to thank Jessica Schambach.  We're not 100% sure why, but it seems like the right thing to do.

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