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Randy Brogdon: A Man of Principle

12:00 PM EDT on September 24, 2009

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Somehow, with the exception of him ripping off a security company's website, Randy Brogdon has escaped our attention.  As the man runs for governor, I'm learning daily that Brogdon has been a catalyst behind some of the dumber things the state legislature has done over TheLostOgle era.

For instance, Brogdon brags on his campaign website (which no longer shills for ADT) that he co-authored HB 1804...and here we were heaping all our scorn on Randy Terrill.  While we teased Sally Kern for the "The Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act" that attempted to get the teaching of evolution banned from the classroom, Brogdon was the man behind the bill.  The Owasso Republican also takes credit for writing the draconian ultrasound bill to further torture victims of rape or incest and hints that gun owners should consider taking up arms against the goverment.  Secession from the United States?  Yeah, he's on board.

When something crazy is going on at the capitol, Brogdon, and his freaky eyebrows, are probably intimately involved.

As the self proclaimed "most conservative senator in Oklahoma", it is no surprise that Brogdon is a leader of the fringe right.  It is also no surprise that he sticks firmly to his principles.

For instance, when President Barack Obama gave a speech simulcast to the nation's schools, the Owasso Republican was one of the leaders in the charge to shield Oklahoma's youth from the socialistic message that paying attention in school and working hard would aide them in achieving their dreams.  Brogdon felt it was infringing on parent's rights for Obama's speech to be available at the school's discretion.

That's a principled stand.  So, imagine my surprise when Senator Brogdon tweeted the following just days after the Obama pep talk:

I am headed to Christian Heritage Academy to give an address about the Constitution.

At first, I was sure that this had to be a mistake.  As a man who feels politics should not be injected to the classroom, Brogdon would never infringe on that belief just because it was his politics being forced on children.  Right?

So, I voiced my belief that Brogdon certainly required every parent to sign a permission slip before those CHA Crusaders could hear his speech about how the Constitution is only the second and tenth amendments.  His personal aide, Cindy Sullivan, responded:

@thelostogle @Randybrogdon was I N V I T E D. What a concept?

Yeah, what a concept.  The school chose to determine what the kids heard.

Anyway, my faith in principled stands was shattered.  Now, if Brogdon is elected as governor, how can we be assured that he will follow Chuck Norris' lead and make Oklahoma a sovereign nation devoid of Mexicans with a gun in every home?

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