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Jari Askins likes dogs, and thus, should be Governor…

7:40 AM EDT on September 21, 2009

jari askins gov

We were recently forwarded an email that was sent out by the Jari Askins for Governor campaign.  The email was written by Jari's sister, Carrie Askins.  Here's a snippet:

As you well know, my sister Jari is running for Governor of Oklahoma.

She's running because of her dedication and loyalty to our great state. I know Jari will make a great Governor because I've seen her passion in action both as my sister and as our Lieutenant Governor.

But most importantly, I'm supporting Jari because of our first dog Bitsy.

When we were kids, our parents let us get a puppy. That's when we met Bitsy, a little black and white Boston Terrier that we all fell in love with - even me, and I'm not a dog person.

Jari was dedicated to Bitsy. At the age of four, she was always feeding, training, and playing with her. Jari trained her well and that's probably why Bitsy was the only dog I've ever loved. Bitsy is a perfect example of the dedication and passion my sister lives and works with every day. It's that same passion and dedication that led her to a life of public service.

So let me get this straight.  We are supposed to give Jari Askins our vote because she liked to play with her childhood dog when she was four years old?  That seems kind of weak.  When I was four, I liked to play with dogs, too.   I also liked to draw pictures of dinosaurs and wear a cape.  I'm not sure what all that means, but I don't think it has any bearing on if I should be Governor or not.

Also, I'm slightly concerned that Jari's treatment of animals is the best reason Carrie could come up with for supporting her sister.  That would be like me listing my little brother as a job reference, and when the prospective employer asks him about my accomplishments, he brags about the amazing LEGO King Castles I constructed as a child. Something tells me that wouldn't be good.

Anyway, at least Carrie Askin's letter does make me wonder what the siblings of other gubernatorial candidates would say about their brother or sister.  I bet Mary Fallin's would laud her for good posture, looking pretty and kissing all the boys on the playground.  Randy Brogdon would get mad props for selling home security systems.  And I bet Drew Edmonson would be endorsed for how well he cleaned the chicken coop as a child.  In an odd way, I guess all of that does kind of matter.

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