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Mary Fallin Does Not Pay Attention

Fallin Twitter

Apparently, Mary Fallin was upset that she was not mentioned in my Twitter article from earlier today.

I am accustomed to reading tweets by my representative that I disagree with.  There are very few places I could live in Oklahoma and be satisfied with my representation.  So, it is not so much that the above screenshot showcases that Representative Fallin has a closed mind on a topic I feel passionately about.

No my problem is with the timestamps.

The screenshot was taken at 8:20 central standard time, twenty minutes after President Obama's hour long speech to the joint houses of congress was finished.  Notice that all four of those tweets occurred while she was being addressed by the leader of the free world.

Sure, she was not about to be swayed by the President's speech about health care reform, but the least she could have done is sat quietly with a sour look on her face like every other Republican in the galley.  It might not be fun, but it is part of the job she sought and was elected to do.  Instead, she played on her phone like a college freshman in a chemistry lecture.  Perhaps she could have benefited from listening to the President's speech yesterday telling our youth to pay attention in class and do their best.

What makes this worse is that she is currently running to be the Governor of this state.  You know, an effort to become a chief executive like Obama.  If she manages to get elected, I hope Al McAffrey and Joe Dorman fiddle with their Blackberries while she's giving her "State of the State" address.

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