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Sally Kern did not get arrested last night…

12:09 PM EDT on September 2, 2009

Kern Gun

Early this morning, rumors swirled that Sally Kern "” Oklahoma's favorite right wing nut job politician "” was arrested in Nichols Hills. We are not sure how or why the rumors originated, but they eventually made their way to the local message board OKCtalk.

I want to emphasize the word RUMOR because that's all I have to relay at this point. However, I received a phone call from a friend, who indicated that Sally Kern might have been had a run-in with the Nichols Hills Police Department just a few hours ago.


Yes, she was pulled over and arrested. She is being charged with DUI, elluding police (short chase), and resisting arrest. They also found a gun on her and was unable to locate a permit. The police dept is holding the gun. Kern is still held in jail awaiting court appearance regarding bond release and will recieve a court date to answer to all the charges.

We have done some checking through the Ogle Mole network, and unfortunately, it looks like this rumor is totally false. We also called the Nichols Hills Police Department, and according to the lady who answered the phone, no arrests were made last night. That means the most interesting thing to happen in Nichols Hills last night was some old rich lady feeding her cat Fancy Feast out of an expensive crystal martini glass. In an odd way, that's actually kind of cool.

Anyway, I know it's not polite to wish legal problems on someone, but since this incident would have likely ended Sally's political career, I kind of wish the rumor was true. It would have possibly been the biggest story of the year.  The only thing that would have topped it is if Mike Morgan and Rick Mitchell were caught sacrificing goats in Gary England's driveway. Maybe the people at OKCtalk can get that rumor started next.

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