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Randy Brogdon should not be the Governor of Oklahoma…

Last week, the Brogdon for Governor campaign sent a mass "video email" to local supporters, press and detractors.  The video was essentially a flash website that featured a little Randy Brogdon telling us that he'll do whatever it takes to protect the rights, liberties and freedoms of his fellow right-wing evangelical Christians.  He also shared with us his affinity for ADT security.


Take a look at this video that someone took of the Randy Brogdon website just after it was emailed to everyone.  Pay special attention to the five buttons/links at the center of the page:

Yeah.  I know it's part of the right-wing extremist repertoire to use scare tactics on the campaign trail, but this is taking things too far.  We get it.  Randy Brogdon is going to be tough on crime.  But come on, are we really supposed to believe that having our Governor sell ADT security systems will make our state a safer place to live?  I don't think so.

Actually, linking to ADT security seems to just be a ridiculously stupid mistake by the Brogdon campaign.  Now when you visit the website, you see a "Contribute" graphic instead of one that reads "Get Your Gift Card."  "Protect My Home Now" has been replaced with "Biography of Randy."   Now if only Brogdon can properly space his toll-free 888 number and get the little Randy on the screen to wear a dunce hat, the webpage would be 100% accurate.

Anyway, I'm sure there are plenty of reasons that Randy Brogdon should not be our next Governor, but I would put this gaffe at the top of the list.  Seriously, if you can't even build a simple website without screwing things up, what business do you have being our Governor for the next four years?  We don't need a Governor to screw things up.  We have a Legislature for that.

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