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I want to get drunk with Bob Przybylo

Call me crazy, but am I the only one who thinks it would be fun to get drunk with Bob Przybylo?  Granted, the only reason I would want to do this is so I can say that I got drunk with Bob Przybylo, but it would be fun to watch him stumble around Sipango in his brown sports jacket and creepily gaze at girls at the pin pong table.   I wonder if Bob would talk to them, and if he did, if he would share with them his knowledge of the Edmond area, and in particular, Edmond North High School.

Seriously, though, how'd they pick Bob Przybylo to cover high school sports?  With a name like Bob Przybylo he should definitely be covering the crime beat.  Also, Bob kind of looks like he shouldn't be allowed within 300 feet of a high school, much less interviewing players in the locker room.

Anyway, we're definitely going to enjoy watching Bob Przybylo videos for the rest of the high school football season.  Maybe we'll call them "Fridays with Bob" or just "Przybylo on the Prowl."  Whatever we call it, I'm sure it will be fun.

UPDATE: Per a reader comment, we have learned that Przybylo's nickname is "Boneman." I am alarmed, scared and amused all at the same time.

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