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John Flick had a shitty Friday…

Here's the opening segment from last Friday's KOCO Channel 5 morning news.

Yeah, that's pretty funny.  What makes it even funnier is that Frontier Shitty is actually a pretty good nickname for the Oklahoma City amusement park.  Think about it.  Not only is the amusement park rundown, dirty and boring, but it was shutdown because E. coli was found in the park's water.  That pretty much guarantees that if you're ever stuck at Frontier City, you're having a shitty time.

Also, you have to love how John Flick wanted to play off the whole Freudian slip like nothing happened, yet his co-anchor, Anita Blanton, wanted to laugh and make fun of him.  That was kind of a mean thing for Anita to do.  She's kind of like your friend who laughs and makes fun of you when you get rejected by a hot college girl at Logan's , but then also laughs and makes fun of you when you end up making out with an ugly stripper from Sugars.  According to Chad, those friends are assholes.

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