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Barry Switzer likes Dunkin Donuts…

As you may have noticed, Dunkin Donuts recently became the newest advertiser.  Since we like chocolate long johns, fresh award-winning coffee, and their convenient OKC metro locations, we thought this was a pretty big deal.  However, in what's perhaps a bigger (and much more expensive than advertising on The Lost Ogle) deal, Barry Switzer is now appearing in national TV spots for the donut giant.  Check them out:

Yeah.  I'm really not too sure what these commercials mean or if they are supposed to be funny, but I like them.  They are funny-weird in a very Napoleon Dynamite type of way.  I think that's a good thing.

Also, it's good to see that Barry Switzer's finally got out of the restaurant business.  Becoming a character actor is a much better idea than opening another Switzer's Lighthouse or Chicken Ranch or whatever other silly idea he's come up with.  It will probably save him (and his business partners) a bunch of money, too.

That kind of leads to this question: How did Barry Switzer land this gig?  I know the local media (aka Sports Animal, Oklahoman) has brainwashed us into thinking Switzer is some sort of local God and coaching legend, but on the national level he has a very tarnished legacy.  In other states, people remember him for his rampant disregard for NCAA rules, inheriting a Super Bowl champion team, and bringing a gun to an airport, more than they do the three OU national championships, recruiting stories at Othello's and the alcohol binges at every bar in Norman.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if Barry Switzer has pictures of everyone at the Sports Animal and The Oklahoman attending some gay orgy at David Boren's house, because that's the only way to explain why the local media is so far up his ass.  He could get caught tomorrow with JR Ross and Toby Keith hunting some blind homeless man at Arbuckle Wilderness and the local Sports Media would find a way to stick up for him.

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