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First Fidelity Bank Essay Contest Finalists


Earlier this month, we announced an essay contest. Here's how it worked:

This week, we are encouraging all of our readers to submit a 7 word essay on how they would spend $50 from First Fidelity Bank. The essay that shows the best combination of wit, humor, creativity (and appropriateness) will appear on the First Fidelity Bank ad that's displayed on this very site, and the person who coins the winning phrase will win a $50 VISA Gift Card courtesy of First Fidelity Bank. In addition to that, we'll also throw in your choice of a Lost Ogle T-Shirt, and even the opportunity to get a picture taken with Jim Traber. That's kind of cool, right?

Since announcing the contest, we've received over 120 essay submissions through either user comments or emails. This past weekend, Clark Matthews and I combed through all of them and selected three to put up to a vote of Lost Ogle readers. The essay that receives the most votes wins. The three essays are...


Before we get to the finalists, we should mention there were many good essays submitted, and that many of them were worthy of winning. However, since the winning essay will appear in an actual advertisement for a very reputable company on this website, we had to be selective with the three finalists chosen. That means we couldn't select an essay that incorporated a notable person's full name and/or business, and we had to be cautious not to offend an entire class or demographic of people. Normally, those are things we embrace and encourage, but since we are sellouts and enjoy having a premier sponsor, we softened up a little bit.

Anyway, after the jump you can see the three essays we selected and then vote for your favorite. The essay that receives the most votes wins. Have fun.

I would get Val on the Gentner. - Micheal

This would totally be worth $50. It would probably be worth $50 more to get Val to say to you "XXX Road" or "Pottawattamie County."

Get my last named changed to Ogle. - Bonnie

This was an email submission, so you didn't see it in the comments. I'm not sure how much it costs to get your name changed to Ogle, but if you're starting out in the local news business, it probably wouldn't be too bad of an investment.

There is only one choice, First Fidelity. - Chet

Yeah, so this may not be funny or clever, but it is incredibly accurate. Plus, it will probably make First Fidelity incredibly happy to see this make the final three.

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P.S. -  Tomorrow we'll highlight some of the submissions that for some reason didn't make it to the final three.

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