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The Sports Animal likes to steal stuff and Tweet about it…


On Wednesday, we released an Oklahoma City Cavalry TV ad that featured Sports Animal talking head Al Eschbach playing basketball with an old lady. The video is pretty cool. In fact, it's so cool that The Sports Animal decided to rip it from our YouTube page and promptly upload it to their website. Excited by their "find," they alerted the masses through Twitter:

Check out vintage Al Eschbach in a commercial for Kamber's and the OKC Cavalry!

Yeah.  The Sports Animal stole from us.  Again.

Oh well, that's really not too big of a deal. We post all of our videos to YouTube, so where people actually watch them doesn't matter to us. In fact, we actually like for other websites to post, share and enjoy our videos with their visitors. Here's an example.

What we do have a problem with, though, is the Sports Animal's total lack of a Web 2.0 etiquette. Not only did they fail to give us any credit for discovering or posting the video, but they even went so far as to remove our logo from the first few seconds of the video. How tacky is that??? Very tacky.  But it's not as tacky as the odd tweet they sent after we called them out on their thievery:

@TheLostOgle awe the lil ogles got their feelings hurt. curious how that's ur video? when u create original content let us know.

Yep, some hack at the Sports Animal just told us to create "original content."  I'm not exactly sure what that means, but if it involves listing our Rushmore's of the sports world, instructing older gentlemen how to break in baseball mitts, or blatantly stealing content from websites that get more traffic than us, we're not interested.

Instead, we'll keep on working on our unoriginal content. You know, stuff like uploading vintage local TV ads to YouTube, hosting our own Oklahoma Celebrity Tournaments, and possibly taking a very in-depth and personal look as to why Mike Steeley and Bob Barry Jr. have such an odd working relationship. You know, unoriginal content that other people seem to enjoy...and bad sports radio stations like to steal.

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