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Top 11 Moments in Lost Ogle History…


Originally, we were going to publish this self-centered, narcissistic, egotistical post during last week's birthday celebration, but then Kelly Ogle and Lauren Richardson answered our Q&A's, I got drunk, and Clark Matthews missed the end of Lost, therefore we never got around to posting it.

Anyway, after the jump check out the top moments in this obscure local social blog's brief history.  Keep in mind that we've been around for over 730 days and have over 900 posts to our credit, so picking  eleven top moments was rather difficult.  If we forgot your favorite moment, let us know in the comments.


11. Getting mentioned in The Tulsa World
This is kind of recent, but being cited in the political section of a real newspaper like The Tulsa World is kind of a big deal.  Although we must admit that we were disappointed that The Oklahoman didn't pick up the story as part of their content sharing agreement. But even if they did, we probably would have known about it before they did.



10. Mayor Cornett Q&A

Before Mayor Cornett's Q&A, our interviews were with Mark Rodgers, a guy who got a high five from Manny Ramirez and Chris Callahan (who?).  Getting a real politician to answer real questions about such important things as Taco Bell and Atheist Laettner was a big deal.  Hopefully we'll have even bigger Q&A's in the future that will knock this off the list.

p.s.- In all honesty, we kind of hoped this spot would be reserved for Ashlynn Brooke, but she only answered one question of our Q&A. Typical porn star.



9. New Contributors
Over the past couple of years, we've tried to ease new contributors into the rotation. A couple of them have brought some good stuff to the site.  That is, of course, if you care about Tulsa and enjoy extremely long paragraphs.


8. Gundy, Golloway and Carlson within a week.
In September of 2007, our traffic jumped through the roof.  We:

"¢ Alerted the world that OU baseball coach Sunny Golloway's daughter posed in the "Playboy: Girls of the Big 12" edition for OSU

"¢ Were the first to post the infamous Mike Gundy tirade to YouTube

"¢ Got a ton of traffic due to being the second "” and much more entertaining "” Google entry for Jenni Carlson

This was kind of a big event, because the three posts combined got us about 50,000 new visitors in one week.  49,998 of them never came back.



7. Cardboard Jim Traber

I don't remember the exact wording of the email from Tony, but it went something like this:

"Let's say someone gave you a cardboard cutout of Jim Traber.  What would you do with it?"

The rest, as they say, is history...especially when it gets Farked.



6. Blake Griffin in Drag Pics

From what we've heard, Blake got a good laugh with the photos that we posted of him dressed in drag while he was in high school.  That's good, because if he didn't, we would have totally kicked his ass.


5. Bye Bye, Tony

After we celebrated our first birthday, Tony quit.  I can't remember specifically why, but the garbled voicemail he left mentioned something about "Jennifer Reynolds," "OSBI," and " what a lack of sleep can do to the human body."



4. Getting Advertisers

Sure, we get mild enjoyment out of writing what we do each day, but it's much more enjoyable when you're able to be a model capitalist and cash checks to buy Newcastle Brown Ale,  sail boats and fancy Italian marble checker boards.


3. Leaking the Thunder Logo

We actually leaked more than just the Thunder logo.  We ended a bunch of speculation and semi-confirmed the team name was Thunder, too.  We also encouraged that the Thunder name their dance team The Snarfs, but they didn't.



2. Making the front cover of the Oklahoma Gazette

I hate to use the cliché "We've arrived," especially because I'm still not sure if we have, but"¦ making the front cover of a popular publication that we grew up reading made us feel like we had arrived some way, somewhere on some level.  Now if only Ed Kelly will return our email.



1. The Pink Bikini

We didn't take the picture.  We didn't discover the picture, but...we sure did a pretty damn good job of making it popular.

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