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Welcome to Mommy Blog Week….

11:45 PM EDT on May 3, 2009


No, you don't need to hit the refresh button. And no, you aren't having some strange dream. What you are seeing is the real deal. The Lost Ogle has become a mommy least for this week.

Here are the two big reasons why are subjecting our loyal readers and us to this:

Mommy Blogs are popular. As we learned firsthand a couple of months ago, Mommy blogs are popular. In fact, they are almost too popular. We figured that by becoming one, we'll get an increase in traffic, get some link love and maybe win some blog awards.

Mother's Day is on Sunday. We couldn't think of a better tribute to our own moms than dedicating our website to them the entire week. This totally beats a Hallmark Card, right?

Anyway, now that you know why we're doing this, it should be assumed that our content this week will be a little bit different (which may be a good thing). Instead of writing about the typical topics like The Lost Ogle getting mentioned in the Tulsa World on the same day they publish a story about The Pioneer Woman, we're going to write about what Mommy Blogs write about. We're going to give you a little glimpse into our lives by posting pictures of our families, sharing our favorite recipes, and even giving our thoughts about Lost, American Idol and Grey's Anatomy. Yes, we're going to do what every Mommy Blog does: inspire ourselves by inspiring you.

So after the jump, take a look at some of the pictures I took from last weekend's Lost Ogle family picnic. While you're looking at them, don't forget to live, laugh and love.

Thanks, yall. xoxo


This is a picture of the Clark Matthews family.



This is another picture of the Clark Matthews family, only we replaced the annoying kid in blue with an annoying kid wearing overalls.



This is a picture of me and my girlfriend after we picked fresh apples and wildflowers.



The Irritated Tulsan and his girlfriend Beverly made the trek down from Tulsa for the picnic.



We even invited Tony to the festivities.  Here he is picking leaves with his mom and dad .



Oddly enough, the same day we had our picnic, the guys from Red Dirt Kings were having a cookout.



Oddly enough, the Red Dirt Kings refused to share food with us and then taunted us.  How rude.



Unfortunately, the picnic ended once Toby Keith started shooting at Chad with his machine gun.  Oh well, it was a bunch of fun.

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