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Calvin Wright likes Lake Hefner


Before today, I had never heard of Calvin Wright.  But thanks to and other media outlets, I now know he is a local radio personality. I also know that he likes to hang out with friends at Lake Hefner.

An Oklahoma City radio personality is among four people arrested for lewd conduct at Lake Hefner.

Calvin Wright of the Radio Oklahoma Network was arrested on a misdemeanor complaint Tuesday night after police say he approached an undercover officer and exposed himself at the Hobie Point area of the lake.

Court records do not indicate if Wright has retained an attorney.

Geeze, talk about using the the term "radio personality" loosely?  I did several Google searches, texted KGB and even called some Ogle Moles and could hardly find anything about this guy.  The only thing I could uncover was this radio interview with Frank Lucas and even it's boring.  Something tells me the Oklahoman just threw the radio personality tag out there to make this arrest an actual news item, and in the process, give us all a laugh or two.

Also, does this arrest officially confirm that Lake Hefner is the gheyest place in Oklahoma City?  If the roller bladers, bikers in tight shorts and men flying stunt kites wasn't enough, now you have to worry about random homosexuals running up to you and exposing themselves.  Next thing you know, some study will confirm that a majority of the city's rainbows originate from the slide at Stars & Stripes Park and that Brent Skarky likes to hang out at the Dog Park.

And not that there's anything wrong with that.

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