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See ya later, TwitPic dude…

Well, it looks like one Oklahoma's rising Web 2.0 entrepreneurs has decided to leave the state.  The entrepreneur  leaving is TwitPic creator Noah Everett.  He's moving from Tulsa to South Carolina.  From the Charleston Regional:

TwitPic creator Noah Everett is making enough money from his Twitter application that he quit his full-time job in Oklahoma and is moving to the Lowcountry.

TwitPicEverett launched TwitPic, an application that allows users to upload photos to their Twitter accounts, in February of 2008 as a way for him and "maybe a few friends" to share photos, he said...

With no strong ties to Oklahoma, he started to revisit the idea of moving to Charleston, which he first hatched while watching The Patriot in November.

"It started out as an imaginary idea, then I started researching it, looking at cost of living. Then it just turned into reality," Everett said.

He brought his family on vacation here and says he liked the area a lot. He found an apartment on Daniel Island the first day he started looking and plans to move in 12 days.

Let me get this straight. The guy who just created one of the most popular web 2.0 applications on the Internet is leaving Tulsa because he watched The Patriot on TNT?  I can see someone leaving for a higher paying job in Dallas or Houston, but leaving because you were fascinated by a scene in a terrible Mel Gibson epic is just bizarre.

Seriously, I love Pulp Fiction, but you don't see me moving out to Englewood.  Being John Malchovich is great flick, but I really don't have the desire to blog outside of the New Jersey turnpike.  Geeze, at least Noah didn't watch Braveheart.  Imagine how strange it would be if he painted his face blue and moved to Scotland.

Anyway, I guess it sucks that we're losing a young, innovative entrepreneur to a place like Charleston. Maybe we should learn from this lesson and get our State Chamber to mail DVDs of movies and TV shows that reference Oklahoma to young business leaders across America.  Imagine all the people who will want to relocate to Oklahoma once they watch Twister, The Outsiders or Saving Grace.

On second thought, lets take that idea back.  Nevermind.  FAIL. Forget I ever wrote it.

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