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Ogle Madness II: East Region, Second Round


We've had upsets (Lee Symcox over Berry Tramel), we've had a blowouts (Kristen Chenoweth over Jenni Carlson), and we've had nail-biters (Brandon Chatmon over Toby Keith).   We've also had controversy (somebody tried to vote for Steve Lackmeyer a few hundred times.)  Through it all, we are now down to just 32 Oklahoma "Celebrities" battling for the right to be Ogle Madness II Champion.  To view an updated PDF of the Ogle Madness II bracket, click here.  To view past results, search through the Ogle Madness II category.

Anyway, today's games are from the Second Round of the East Regional.  They will be played in Wilburton at the Robbers Cave State Park & Lodge, and the Mountain Vista Cabin near Beavers Bend State Park.  The match-ups are below.  Vote after the jump.

(1) Gary England vs. (9) Toby Rowland
(4) Carrie Underwood vs. (5)
Mark Rodgers
(3) Jessica Schambach vs.
(6) Al Eschbach
(2) Cardboard Jim Traber vs. (10) David Cook

(1) Gary England vs. (9) Toby Rowland

About Gary England:


Conference: Idols of the Lost Ogle

Who he is: The most powerful person in Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Protecting Oklahomans from those terrible twisters with presentations of Those Terrible Twisters. Determining who lives and dies.

Biggest Weakness: That there is only one of him

Last Game: Defeated Wimgo 304 -41


About Toby Rowland:


Conference: Dean Blevins Errand Runners

Who he is: Back-up sports anchor for KWTV Channel 9 and morning host at KREF 1400.

Biggest Strength: Being nice.

Biggest Weakness: Pulling off a holdout

Last Game: Defeated Brent Skarky 248 - 93



(4) Carrie Underwood vs. (5) Mark Rodgers

About Carrie Underwood:

Conference: American Idol Alumni

Who she is: Checotah-born winner of Season 3 of American Idol; Country Music Superstar

Biggest Strength: Winning over-hyped talent shows.  She's also moderately attractive.

Biggest Weakness: Making music that doesn't make us want to yank out our ears.

Last Game: Defeated Oklahoma 218 - 122



About Mark Rodgers:

Conference: Dean Blevins Former Errand Runners

Who he is: KOCO News Director and Sports Animal Host

Biggest Strength: Giving quality interviews to obscure local social  blogs

Biggest Weakness: He looks a little too much like Rosie O' Donnell.

Last Game: Defeated Van Shea Iven 230 - 108



(3) Jessica Schambach vs. (6) Al Eschbach

About Jessica Schambach:


Conference: Hot News Chicks

Who she is: Evening anchorwomen for Channel 5

Biggest Strength: Distracting Paul Folger.

Biggest Weakness: Answering our love letters.

Last Game: Defeated Boomer and Sooner 313 - 85


(6) Al Eschbach


Conference: Height Challenged Sports Junkies

Who he is: Longtime sports talk host and alleged journalist.

Biggest Strength: Making University of Oklahoma coaches happy with his biased reporting.

Biggest Weakness: NBA basketball knowledge and tendency to use swim trunks as gym shorts.

Last Game: Defeated The Pioneer Woman 263 - 141



(2) Cardboard Jim Traber vs. (10) David Cook

About Cardboard Jim Traber:


Conference: The Total Dominance League

Who he is: The ultimate cardboard cut out.

Biggest Strength: Sports knowledge and ability to charm the masses.

Biggest Weakness: The cardboard colon.

Last Game: Defeated The Custer County Sheriff 295 - 109


About David Cook:

Conference: American Idol Alumni

Who he is: Ghey rock superstar and winner of American Idol

Biggest Strength: Appearing on the cover of Oklahoma Magazine...

Biggest Weakness: Bumping us from the cover of Oklahoma Magazine...

Last Game: Defeated Glen Coffee 270 - 120


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