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“Look at OKC” is dirty. (UPDATE)

Earlier tonight, I went over to Look at OKC in hopes of finding pictures of people celebrating Ogle Madness.  Instead, I ran across this image on the front page of the site:


I'm not sure what this girl is celebrating, but I can't tell you one thing:  it's not Ogle Madness.

Seriously, something about this girl does not look right.  Call me crazy, but she looks a little disproportionally incorrect below the shoulders or something.   It's like someone almost had a little too much fun in photoshop.

Anyway, OPUBCO should probably just take whoever designed that graphic and promote them to head art director for The Oklahoman.  I bet they'd see a 5% boost in subscriptions in just one week.  While they're at it, they should also go ahead and tell us where they find all their saucy clipart.  Clark Matthews and Dean Blevins probably need to know.

UPDATE: If you now go to "Look at OKC," you see some image of Blake Griffin and an OSU player playing basketball in front of space-aged tournament brackets and washers.  Coincidence?  Probably not.  To view the original St. Patrick's Day image in it's entirety, click here.

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