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10 Possible Candidates for the STF | PR Social Media Director opening”¦.

1:21 PM EST on February 27, 2009

This past week, Schnake Turnbo Frank | PR (one of the state's top PR firms) announced a job opening for a  Social Media Director. The job opening was announced via the YouTube clip above.  If that's not clever use of social media, I don't know what is.

Anyway, I bring this up for a couple of reasons:

Reason One: This job is a super big deal in local PR and marketing circles, and it probably explains the insane over use of Facebook and Twitter this week by members of the Oklahoma City PRSA.  Seriously, if you walked in to any Kinkos FedEx Office right now you'd probably see a bunch of PR people choosing between Classic Crest or Linen paper and crafting the perfect objective statement for their resume.

Reason Two: As a social media and PR guy, I thought it would be fun to list some local people who should probably apply for the job.  Check them out after the jump:

Gary England

As the number one most powerful Oklahoman, Gary England may be a little too qualified for this position. But, he does have a Facebook page, which is the mothership of social media tools.  In fact, Gary's original Facebook got so popular that he had to create a second one.  That's social media mastery.


The Bricktown Water Taxi

For some reason, the Bricktown Water taxi stalks more people on Twitter than just about everyone else in Oklahoma City combined. This is odd, because at last check, most people don't use the Bricktown Water Taxi for transportation.  If any type of transportation service in Bricktown needs to use twitter it's the Bricktown Trolley.  Its tweets could be:

"Running late to stop number 3." 12:57 PM Feb 26

"Just smoked a cigarette." 1:12 PM Feb 26

"Running late to stop number 4." 1:32 PM Feb 26

"Look...a pigeon!  I will try to catch it." 1:33 PM Feb 26



Mike Gassaway

Yeah, this is just an excuse to publish and link to those funny pictures of Mike Gassaway that we uncovered last summer.


Steve Lackmeyer

If you follow Steve's blog at OKCcentral, you'll notice that he's no longer dangerously obsessed with Downtown Oklahoma City.  Now he's just dangerously obsessed with whether or not he should have a twitter page.  Maybe if he masters twitter and other social media tools he could change teams and work in the PR field.



Tom from MySpace

Yeah, he's not an Oklahoman.  And MySpace is slowly becoming the social media equivalent of America Online, but this guy does have something like 4,500,000,000 friends.  Granted, most of them are fledgling bands, comedians or 18 year old girls from Russia wanting you to chat or check out their webcam, but 4,500,000,000 is a good number for MySpace.  Ours is just a little over 400.



I'm not sure if you would consider BikerFox a master of social media, but he's a master of something.  I'm still trying to figure out what that something exactly is.  That being said, he's still popular on the internets, and could probably build and lead a great social media team.



These guys used MySpace to successfully build and promote a popular party planning venture.  Now if only they would pay their taxes.



Rumble the Bison

If they wanted to make a splash, they could just hire Rumble the Bison.  He's super popular and clients would be impressed by his acrobatic near dunk attempts.


Brandon Chatmon

This is probably more like wishful thinking than actual reality.  Just imagine how awesome his "To the hizzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" tweets would be.




Call me crazy, but his almost makes too much sense.

For those who don't know, my professional background (a.k.a. "paying job") is actually in marketing and public relations.  That's probably a good qualification to have if you want to work for a PR firm.  And by being one of the founders of The Lost Ogle, I have essentially helped create one of the more popular home grown social media outlets in Oklahoma.  That's probably a nice accomplishment.

As an added bonus, I am also strikingly attractive, speak seven languages and in my spare time rescue orphaned baby dolphins from the old aquatic center at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  Need proof?  Just ask Clark Matthews.


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