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What’s going on at The Journal Record…

12:15 PM EST on February 20, 2009


I've said for quite awhile that the The Journal Record is the only local newspaper that you can get away with reading while at work.  I've said that because it makes you look smarter when your boss catches you reading about real estate, politics and legal news.  But...after taking a look at yesterday's "Section B" "” which is the front cover for the section that contains all the legal notices and court cases and stuff  "” it now appears to be the only newspaper that will make your coworkers think that you're in to gay porn, too.

Seriously, what's up with that picture?  Bodybuilding pictures like that are creepy.  They make me shiver and want to cry.  Unless, of course, they are of Kealey McIntire or Aaron Tuttle, which then makes them pretty funny.

Anyway, hopefully The Journal Record is done publishing pictures of bodybuilders who teach agriculture classes at OSU.  Maybe next time they'll show some pictures and write a story about the teacher, librarian, nurse or secretary who is also a bikini model.  We know they exist.  It's about time somebody writes about them.

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